Saturday, August 22, 2009

This represents

This represents the most tremendous distributed travel resource. The answer to Dell and other's travel problems has been staring us in the face since WW2. In Europe and N America airline travel will grow around 50% in 7 years. Already congestion has brought the airliner average speeds down to 300knots on routes of up to 1000miles. The rate of travel demand has outstripped the ability to create new airfields. By 2005 the Dell sales people will be spending very long periods in airport terminals. Airport shopping will be a growth industry.
The American Business Travel Association states that 97% of all business travel is in groups of one to three people, so we propose to build a new six seat aircraft that will fly faster than the airliners, but from the small airfields, operating as high performance taxis and costing only $1 per mile. It will be so quiet that local people won't notice them and it will make very big money for its operators. On a 490 mile route it will enable travel twice as fast as by airline. And you travel when you want.
The Dell people were so enthusiastic that they backed the project with hardware and gave us a great start in life. That was two years ago and now with 20 people working we start to build the first Farnborough F1 plane this year.
If we are right and if 5% of all business travellers in Europe and the US want to use this service- then there could be a demand for 13,000 planes. That's probably the largest production since World War 2 and a $26Bn business!

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